Does cancer run in my family?

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How Common is Hereditary Cancer?

Hereditary cancers are certain types of cancer that may be caused by an inherited gene mutation rather than age, lifestyle, environmental or other factors. They account for less than 10% of all cancer diagnoses. If you suspect that hereditary cancer runs in your family, learn what you can do to determine your risk. Learn More


Hereditary Cancer


Sporadic Cancer*

*Some cancers appear to have a familial clustering, though the underlying cause is still unclear.

Can I inherit cancer? Understanding the basics of cancer, cancer genetic counseling and testing.

¿Puedo heredar el cáncer? Comprensión de los conceptos básicos del cáncer, asesoramiento y pruebas genéticas del cáncer.

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Many cancers, if detected early, can be successfully treated, and some are preventable with regular screening.