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About the Colorado Cancer Genetics Alliance

The Colorado Cancer Genetic Alliance is a partnership of genetic counselors, educators and public health professionals who offer genetic counseling services throughout the state. Comprised of experts from the University of Colorado Cancer Center and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDPHE), our goal is to reduce the burden of cancer in Colorado by identifying those at higher risk for cancer due to inherited genetic factors. We provide:

  • Education on genetic cancers for providers and patients
  • Tools for screening patients
  • Options for genetic counseling, screening, testing and cancer screening/surveillance for patients

In addition to public health education efforts, we actively pursue policy change that will improve the health of Coloradans.

The Colorado Cancer Genetics Alliance is funded by a grant from the Office of Public Health Genomics within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The Colorado Cancer Genetics Alliance advisory committee

The Colorado Cancer Genetics Advisory Committee helps guide the efforts of the program, offering insight on education, policy and surveillance. They evaluate the program’s efforts and make strategically sound recommendations that will help improve our impact.

The advisory committee is comprised of more than a dozen individuals, including:

  • Hereditary cancer survivors
  • Cancer genetic counselors
  • State public health and Medicaid representatives
  • Healthcare providers