Continuing Medical Education for Healthcare Providers: Hereditary Cancer

Understanding genetics and genomics is increasingly valuable for healthcare professionals who provide clinical patient care. Continuing education is available from the following resources:

Genetics/Genomics Competency Center (G2C2)

G2C2 offers continuing medical education (CME) led by healthcare educators and practitioners. The organization offers self-directed or group courses, an online library of educational materials and peer reviewed collections and resources for discipline-specific genomic competencies.

Visit G2C2 to search for genetics/genomics education resources.

Jackson Laboratory

The Jackson Laboratory offers a variety of clinical and continuing education modules to help healthcare professionals to integrate genomics into their practice, working with clinics. The content is specifically designed to address common knowledge gaps or barriers for providers.

Visit the Jackson Laboratory to search for clinical and continuing education opportunities.

National Comprehensive Cancer Network

The NCCN offers courses about hereditary cancer, familiar risk and patient care, in addition to treatment guidelines, events, research and other resources for clinicians for all types of cancer, including hereditary cancer.

The Basser Center

Specializing in BRCA related cancers, the Basser Center offers an annual, in-person scientific symposium, which features experts from around the world, presents the latest advancements in research and the future of BRCA research and patient treatment.

City of Hope

The City of Hope offers a continuing medical education course called Intensive Course in Genomic Cancer Risk Assessment. It aims to teach provides to translate rapid advances in genetics and genomics into cancer risk assessment, management and prevention practice.