Schedule a Genetic Risk Assessment

If you suspect that hereditary cancer runs in your family, schedule a risk assessment with a genetic counselor. Genetic counselors are specially trained health professionals who focus on inherited health conditions. You may need a referral from your physician to have this appointment covered by your insurance.

What is a genetic risk assessment?

A risk assessment is a conversation with a genetic counselor where you talk about the likelihood that cancer runs in your family, and the likelihood that you may develop this cancer. You'll review your family history and the risk factors for hereditary cancer.

The genetic counselor will ask you questions about your family ethnicity, health history and your risk factors. If your genetic counselor sees signs that hereditary cancer may run in your family, he or she will talk to you about genetic testing, and what the results might mean for you and your family.

Together, you will determine what next steps are right for you.


Concerned that hereditary cancer might run in your family?

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