Colorado Cancer Genetics

Reducing Cancer Burden in Colorado by identifying those at higher risk for cancer due inherited genetic factors

The Colorado Cancer Genomics aims to provide patients and providers resources for finding:

  • Information about cancer genetics
  • Tools to help identify individuals who may be at higher risk
  • Availability of genetic services in Colorado (genetic counseling, education, testing and screening/surveillance options for hereditary cancer syndromes.)

Advisory Committee

Colorado is one of five states that has been funded by the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) Office of Public Health Genomics to establish a state-wide Cancer Genomics Program for the state. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is partnering with the University of Colorado Cancer Center in this program entitled "Enhancing Cancer Genomics Best Practices through Education, Surveillance, and Policy."

We have assembled an Advisory Committee to oversee the grant, the goals of which are to increase awareness about hereditary cancer syndromes and to enhance access to and utilization of cancer genetics services for individuals and families that may be at risk. We will accomplish these goals by developing and implementing strategies for 1) provider and public education efforts, 2) policy change and 3) surveillance activities.

The Colorado Cancer Genomics Advisory Committee consists of 12-15 members that represent key stakeholder groups in Colorado. These include:

  • breast and colon cancer survivors,
  • cancer genetic counselors,
  • representatives from state public health and Medicaid programs,
  • representatives from cancer advocacy groups and
  • medical providers.

The Advisory Committee provides input on the strategies related to education, policy and surveillance, and reviews the results from evaluation activities, provide insight relative to data interpretation and will make recommendations for dissemination of results.

We do not inherit cancer – we can inherit an increased risk for cancer.